Max Oehler (; December 29, 1875 – March 1946) was a German army officer and archivist for the "Nietzsche-Archiv." Oehler pursued his career in the German Empire's military until the end of World War I and the German November Revolution. Under the Weimar Republic, which he opposed, he served as an archivist in his cousin Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche's "Nietzsche-Archiv" in Weimar. After Förster-Nietzsche's death in 1935, he succeeded her as de facto leader of the Archiv. A devoted Nazi since the early 1930s, Oehler tried to popularize his national socialist view of Nietzsche. After the German defeat in World War II, Oehler was imprisoned by Soviet occupation forces and died c. March 1946 in an improvised prison in Weimar.