The main characteristics of Abdolkarimi's thought may be summarized as follows:
  • Abdolkarimi seeks to present a spiritual, meditative interpretation of Heidegger's thought.
  • The relation between the West and East is his main issue in his philosophical thinking. He strongly criticizes any ideological, theological understanding of the West and East. He emphasizes on a historical, phenomenological understanding of the West and East.
  • He has worked on the theory of "The end of theology" and it has a very critical connotation, as well as Abdolkarimi's other points of view in Islamic Republic of Iran. Following G. Vattimo, Italian philosopher, he believes that the main philosophical characteristic of our time is "the destroyed ontology". Abdolkarimi interprets Vattimo's idea in this way that "our time has become metaphysic-less". But in the context of Abdolkarimi's thought, the term "metaphysics" is not merely in the Greek sense but includes every historical theoretical tradition.
  • Abdolkarimi believes that the human being's future thought is a kind of nonsecular-nontheological thinking, namely a way of thinking that is in disagreement to the secular, materialistic interpretation of the world, but at the same time does not settle in any historic, theological systems.