Federica Montseny

Federica Montseny, was an editor of the Spanish individualist anarchist magazine La Revista Blanca who later achieved infamy when as an important member of the CNT-FAI was one of the four anarchists who accepted cabinet positions in the Spanish Popular Front government. "Nietzsche and Stirner — as well as the playwright Ibsen and anarchist-geographer Elisee Reclus — were her favorite writers, according to Richard Kern (in Red Years / Black Years: A Political History of Spanish Anarchism, 1911–1937). Kern says she held that the "emancipation of women would lead to a quicker realization of the social revolution" and that "the revolution against sexism would have to come from intellectual and militant 'future-women.' According to this Nietzschean concept of Federica Monteseny's, women could realize through art and literature the need to revise their own roles."