Nietzsche's "Decree against Christianity" was also suppressed. This consists of seven propositions:
  • First proposition:— Every type of anti-nature is depraved (e.g. Original sin)
  • Second proposition:— Participation in religion is an assassination attempt on public morality (e.g. Just war theory)
  • Third proposition:— Sacred (earthly) things which Christianity has deified should be eradicated (e.g. Sacred sites and rituals )
  • Fourth proposition:— The Christian teaching on chastity is a public instigation to anti-nature (e.g. Christian modesty)
  • Fifth proposition:— The Christian priest is a chandala — he should be ostracized, starved for preferring discourse and declining food at a banquet (e.g. the sacrifice of fasting)
  • Sixth proposition: This is the transvaluation of values in which the divine becomes criminal, etc.
  • Seventh proposition: Christianity (as religion rather than as a philosophy) is the ultimate evil: (as explained in this article).