Triumph of the ill

Nietzsche alleged that " is not 'converted ' to Christianity — one must be sufficiently sick for it."The Antichrist, § 51 The decadent and sick types of people came to power through Christianity. From everywhere, the aggregate of the sick accumulated in Christianity and outnumbered the healthy. "The majority became master; the democratism of the Christian instincts conquered... ." The meaning of the God on the Cross is that "...[e]verything that suffers, everything that hangs on the Cross, is divine... ." "Because sickness belongs to the essence of Christianity, the typical Christian condition, 'belief,' has to be a form of sickness. Every straightforward, honest, scientific road to knowledge has to be repudiated by the Church as a forbidden road. Even doubt is a sin." Knowledge requires caution, intellectual moderation, discipline, and self–overcoming. But Christianity uses sick reasoning, such as martyrdom, to try to prove its truth. Christians think that "...there must be something to a cause for which someone is willing to die." In response, Nietzsche quoted a passage from his earlier work: "And if someone goes through fire for his doctrine — what does that prove?" "[T]he need for belief, for some unconditional Yes and No, a need born of weakness."